Shipments for the automotive industry require precision and promptness in order to guarantee delivery of fundamental components to assembly lines. Efficiency is crucial for this kind of shipments. For these shipments we can offer competitive rates, pick up services, dedicated deliveries and priority service.


Shipping chemical products require attention to safety and regulatory compliance. Accurate risk and hazardous products management is essential. Our team specialized into chemicals and hazardous products will be able to help you to handle the shipment starting from the documentation process. We can offer packaging service according to ADR/IMO standard and issuance of documents like Shipper’s declaration for air shipments and Multimodal for shipments by sea.


With our services for the fashion industry, we guarantee fast and reliable deliveries to satisfy your business needs. Thanks to our knowledge in this area, we handle with care every single detail, ensuring security and integrity of your products, for a perfect and classy service.

high tech

We offer specialized shipments in high tech area, ensuring timely and safe deliveries for valuable technology products. With our expertise we guarantee reliable and safe transport, adapted to specific needs into high tech world, including white glove delivery services.


Our shipments into food and beverage area ensure freshness and quality of your alimentary products in each delivery. Paying attention to temperature and handling, we guarantee highest security and regulatory compliance to taste and your customers satisfaction. We offer storage and transport under controlled temperature starting from the pick up to the delivery.


We offer specialized shipments into marble and tiles area, ensuring sure and reliable transport of products. Thanks to our knowledge and attention to details, we guarantee on-time and intact deliveries, preserving the appearance and quality of goods during transport.


Our shipments into pharmaceutical area ensure fast and safe delivery. With strict protocols and a skilled team in this category of goods, we guarantee compliance with regulations and optimal pharmaceuticals conservation, to secure product integrity, offering storage service and transport under controlled temperature from pick-up to delivery.


Specialized into special and out of gauge cargo, we ensure safe and reliable transport of your bulky goods. With dedicated trucks and skilled team, we handle each detail to guarantee the delivery of goods of any size all over the world. Our team can offer services like flat rack, break bulk, charter flight and vessel, exceptional transport by road and much more.


Our shipments into furniture area ensure fast and safe deliveries. With care and attention to details, we guarantee secure and safe transports of furniture, preserving their quality during all delivery process. Thanks to our network of specialized agents we are able to offer deliveries with white glove in Europe, China, Middle East, Australia and North America.

No matter what we transport, each shipment represents for us an exam to pass only with the highest marks.

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